Wellness-inspired, Value-based, Level-funded Group Health Solutions for Small to Mid-sized Employers

Lifestyle Health Advisors is a regionally-focused Managing General Agency serving the Southeastern United States with custom-tailored group health benefit solutions for employee benefits agencies and the employers they serve. With the ever-rising costs of employee health benefits, it is no longer sufficient to just “insure” your healthcare benefits and costs. A one-size-fits-all approach will no longer cut it. Proactive management, wellness education, disease intervention, claims management, network management, and intelligent plan design are now key elements for every employer, regardless of size.

Your group health clients need a value-based solution that meets the demographic, strategic, and financial needs of their organization. Let our group products, consultative approach, and regional PPO Network partnerships provide you with the level-funded, cost-saving benefits solution you have been looking for!

Let Lifestyle Health keep you covered when you need it most and reward you for healthy behaviors
Our Dental Plans provide preventive care and coverage for dental exams and procedures to keep your smile healthy
Keep seeing clearly with our Vision Plans including annual check ups and frame & contact allowances