Group Dental Plans

Smile As You Save More

Dental care and routine dental exams often assist with the early detection of serious diseases or conditions. According to the CDC, Americans make 500+ million visits to dentists and spend an estimated $98.6+ billion on dental services a year. See how Lifestyle Dental Plans can help you cut the cost of dental care. Together with encouraging preventative care and regular check-ups, Lifestyle Dental Plans can help you not only save your smile but also on costly dental expenses.

Lifestyle Dental Plans are specifically designed to complement our wellness-inspired group health benefits program. We’ve partnered with MetLife to insure our Lifestyle Dental and Vision products provide our sponsoring employers the most comprehensive provider network available. Lifestyle Dental is your starting point for great group dental benefits, integrated into a program focused on prevention, lifestyle change, and health improvement. Our Dental Plans are designed to offer all that you will need in terms of prevention, basic and major dental procedures, as well as orthodontia. Providing top-level care and coverage for your smile, Lifestyle Dental meets the needs of both employers and employees for integrative group benefits. Now offered as a stand-alone product, let Lifestyle Dental protect smiles for years to come.

In-network benefits provided by MetLife

Highlights of our Dental Plans include:

Lifestyle Dental provides great coverage for cleanings, exams and period x-rays

Preventive Procedures

Coverage for Cleanings, Periodic Exams, and X-rays are all standard and available every 6 months. Coverage for Fluoride Treatments (under age 19) is available ever 12 months.

Lifestyle Dental provides coverage for all of the basic procedures that could come your way, including simple extractions, fillings and root canals

Basic Procedures

Coverage standard for Simple Extractions, Fillings and Root Canals.

Lifestyle Dental provides exceptional coverage when it comes to major procedures, including extractions, bridges, crowns, dentures and implants

Major Procedures

Subject to deductible and co-insurance, coverage for Endodontics, Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Bridges & Crowns, Dentures, Partials, and Implants is standard.

Lifestyle Dental provides coverage for orthodontics with one year prior dental coverage


Subject to deductible and co-insurance, coverage for orthodontics is standard for children under the age of 19, with one year of prior dental coverage.

Please Note:

The information outlined above provides the general plan of benefits designed into all Lifestyle Dental Plan offerings. Detailed descriptions, eligible expenses, and exclusions are described in the Summary Plan Description. For more details and for information on bundled pricing, contact us.